The triennial Asian Fisheries Forum (AFF) was initiated by the Society to achieve many of the stated objectives of the Society. The 1AFF was successfully held in Manila, Philippines in 1986 and was the first big milestone of the Society. Since the first forum, the triennial fora have been carried out in many AP member countries through an expression of interest process with the successful host country appointed Convener of the forum. Since 2007, the triennial AFF have been renamed as Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum (AFAF).

The triennial forum serves as the venue for AFS members to meet, update recent trends and ongoing research in the region. It provides members an unique opportunity to learn and evaluate their research, establish linkages and forge new inter-country research group to tackle regional projects. It also provides guidelines and direction to policymakers, planners and all key commercial stakeholders. In recent years, the AFAF also attracted international agencies and funding bodies to attend the forum, thereby providing an ideal venue for members and international agencies to interact, evaluate and explore new regional projects in the AP region.

The first AFAF was held in May 1986 in Manila, the Philippines, and since the first forum, the Society has successfully held 10 AFAFs in the AP countries. The details of the fora held are listed below:

The 14AFAF will be held at India in 2025.